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What do I need to know about the use of hydraulic station?

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The hydraulic station is widely used on the gas generator, and is used for the transmission of the coal feeding mechanism and the ash basin. Today we talk about the maintenance and maintenance that should be paid attention to in the use of hydraulic stations.
1. Once oil leakage and other abnormal phenomena are found in the pipeline during the working process, it needs to be shut down for maintenance in time.
2. In order to prolong the service life of hydraulic oil, the oil temperature is required to be less than 65°C, and the quality of the hydraulic oil should be checked every 3 months.
3. Observe the level of the oil level gauge in the oil tank. If the oil is found to be insufficient, replenish it in time to prevent the oil pump from sucking.
4. Clean or replace the oil filter regularly.
5. Keep the working environment clean and tidy to avoid being affected by use.
The above are the instructions for the use of the hydraulic station. Do you understand?
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