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Rexroth variable plunger pump fever treatment

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Rexroth variable plunger pumps are the same as people. People will catch a cold and fever when they are sick, while Rexroth variable plunger pumps also have fever. Let me tell you about it.
Similar to a person's illness, a fever in the Rexroth variable plunger pump indicates that there is a problem with the operation of the pump. If the moving surface of the plunger pump is in a state of dry friction or semi-dry friction, it is easy to friction and heat between the moving parts during operation. Of course, it is also possible that the hydraulic energy of the high-pressure oil is converted into heat energy, so the gap between the moving parts and the appropriate cooler need to be selected reasonably to prevent the pump from overheating.
In summary, do you know how to deal with the fever of Rexroth variable plunger pump?
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