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Vickers PVM series plunger pump

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Vickers PVM series plunger pump

Vickers PVM series plunger pump

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Eaton-Vickers Eaton-Vickers PVM plunger pump
Advantages of PVM series plunger pump:
1. Flexible design includes single pump, through shaft drive configuration and various drive shaft extension and control methods, which will adapt to any purpose and provide the most cost-effective equipment.
The tried-and-tested components are designed in a heavy-duty, compact housing to provide 250bar (3625psi) continuous
Running performance, and 280bar (4050psi) running performance in load sensing system.
This design guarantees long life at the higher performance levels required by today's power-intensive machinery.
2. Small and light design can reduce application weight and provide more convenience for installation and maintenance.
Repair kits developed for key rotating parts and control components can simplify pump maintenance and ensure successful repairs.
3. The low-noise design can be adopted for industrial uses that emphasize noise, reducing the noise level and providing a more acceptable environment.
In each application, various compensators are designed for high efficiency to provide the most effective system control, and a volumetric efficiency of more than 95% means more flow
More input power is put into work instead of heating and wasting.
Heavy-duty bearings and shaft extensions cause minimal internal deformation and wear, providing longer life and maximal


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