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Proportional valve

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Proportional valve

Proportional valve

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Beijing Huade Hydraulic Industry Group Co., Ltd., Huade plunger pump/motor, Huade hydraulic valve, superior supply, conventional products, all in stock, if you need detailed PDF information, please call Wuhan Xinlaifu to obtain


Proportional valve proportional amplifier and bracket series
1. Electromagnetic proportional directional valve 4WEA series
2. Electromagnetic proportional directional valve (with electric feedback) 4WRE series
3. Electro-hydraulic proportional directional valve 4WRZ, H series
4. Direct-acting proportional relief valve (with electric feedback) DBETR series
5. Pilot-operated proportional relief valve DBE/DBEM series
6. Direct-acting three-way proportional pressure reducing valve 3DREP6 series
7. Pilot-operated proportional pressure reducing valve DRE/DREM series
8. Superimposed imported throttle pressure compensator ZDC series
9. Two-way proportional speed control valve 2FRE6, 10, 16 series
10. Electro-hydraulic proportional pressure flow compound valve PQ10 series
Two-way cartridge valve series
1. Directional control two-way cartridge valve LC, LFA series
2. Overflow control two-way cartridge valve LC..DB/LFA..DB series
3. Pressure reducing control two-way cartridge valve LC..DB/LFA..DB series
4. Sequence control two-way cartridge valve LC..DB/LFA..DZ series
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